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Tal Haring

Tel Aviv Israel Student-Filmmaker

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About Bladerunn1

Hey everyone! my name is Tal Haring, I'm a 25 years old 2nd year film student from Israel and I'm the YOBI.FILM Season 3 Grand Prize Winner!! I was flown all the way to Detroit to be a part of the YOBI cast and crew on the new webseries with Audrina Patridge called "Dream Maker"!! Be sure to follow all episodes, it's gonna be a blast!! :D 

I do most of the main work on my films (write, direct, film, edit, produce) because I believe you can only learn by doing, and the more you do the better you get at it. I'm always working on new scripts and filming new shorts and finding new ways to develop myself.

"Remains", my winning entry, was my first year final project which I invested all of my heart and energy into. It's my most personal film and I think it tells a sad story about how we sometimes dream of escaping our everyday life but can never really do. I can't wait to hear your thoughts and comments on it!

Vote For "Remains"!

I'm now still in that place in life where I wanna do every genre and any type of film possible so I can expand from it all. so, here's a few tastes from other films I did, hope you enjoy (I have a few new shorts which I can't put online because of film festivals issues, I hope I can upload them sometime too! anyways..):

short horror film (made in 72 hours):

short documentary about me and my girlfriend's long distance relationship:

new short about a brother and a sister running away from home:

another short horror film (older one):

a short about a long lost love I filmed in Acro City in Israel:

video clip for the band TV Buddhas:

one shot scene i did for school:

anyways, I really hope you enjoy my films and I hope to see what you guys are gonna put on the site as your entries! I bet you gonna rock Season 4!! Good Luck!! :D

Thanks and enjoy!

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