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Jordan Raycroft

Welland ON Canada Student

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About JordanRaycroft

I was born May, 25, 1991 in Peterborough, Ontario to a preacher and his wife. As a kid my family moved around a lot, but the place I call home is Welland, Ontario. For the past two years I've been teaching myself to play guitar. Using my dad's guitar, which I've gradually taken ownership of, I've managed to grasp some basics. A drummer since the age of ten, playing guitar has taken some getting used to. Being a lefty, learning on a right handed instrument likely hasn't helped much either I suppose.

As a kid I've always sang, to which I credit my mother. If it weren't for her I wouldn't have the confidence, or the voice, to back up my mediocre guitar playing with my own words. I write about experiences life has given me, or that people around me have gone through. If it weren't for some of those experiences I never would have began to write.

My birth into the music scene during the Spring of 2010 was nothing but subtle, I originally never thought of songwriting as anything more than a hobby. However, after my first show in March of 2010, where I opened for Peter Katz; I was hooked. Soon after I was nominated for the 2010 Niagara Music Awards' Folk Artist of the Year. God has really blessed me with the talents I have and I put everything I've got into the songs I write. My songs are written so others can relate to them and the stories they tell are honest and from the heart. With support from fans, friends, and family; I hope to further develop my sound and share my music with many more audiences.

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