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Kari Fleskes

Memphis TN United States Singer/Songwriter, Professional Portrait Artist, Jewelry Designer

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About KariFleskes

I believe if you're a contestant in a "Vocal Talent" contest, you should show your talents completely raw and untouched so that's what I'm displaying in this contest. My music, uninhibited by production, recorded live in one take.
 I don't have any studio mastered songs put to a video. I'm not moving my lips to an auto-tuned track. I don't stop and start again to clip the best sections of each song. All of my videos are me, my Taylor 314 and a microphone. All one take, all live, and unrehearsed. I don't play or sing to reach "audio perfection"...I play for heart.


Oh my goodness!! YobiTV's SINGER OF THE YEAR is ME?!?! What an amazing experience this has been so far! I've had the opportunity to meet and work with the most incredibly talented people on the set of DreamMaker with Audrina Patridge. I've made really good friends and learned so much and it's all because YOU voted. I'd like to shout out to YobiSing's Season 3 top five: Mykell, Janick, Joey, and Katee for being so amazingly talented. You should definitely check out their music and keep an eye out for them in the music industry. What a pleasure it was to compete with such incredible talent. They're all really really really amazing and you're missing out if you don't look them up! :)

I've been with Yobi since the beginning. The first year I watched because in all honesty it sounded too good to be true. The second season, I entered and placed 7th in the finals. And Season 3, I kept getting booted out of the semifinals. I got discouraged and almost gave up, but I tried one last time and gave it my all. And I won. So take this as a lesson to never give up. Because if I had, I'd have missed out completely on the amazing experiences that Yobi has given me so far. Diane Victor (CEO of Yobi) is a wonderful person who REALLY CARES about her contestants. So don't think you're just uploading your video to a website. People watch, they vote, they follow and you become a favorite. These are real people with real heart for the users and contestants of Entering this contest was the best decision I ever made. And staying with it has been the most amazing experience of my life. The Yobi community is nothing like I've ever seen before. There's REAL support and genuine heart in this place. Yobi has changed my life and they're helping me accomplish my dreams. What other web community can measure up to that?? So upload your videos, look around, experience the Yobi Family. It might just be the best decision YOU ever make. :)




"Signatures" Couture Jewelry:

Go to to see what Revolutionary Runway is about!

A little of everything:

I'm now on iTunes and Amazon!! My songs "Home" and "Broken Knees" are available for purchase and download on most online music stores. The iTunes link:

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  • "my Only Wish" Original Song By Kari Fleskes

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