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Bruce Peerson

IL United States Photographer

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About Overfocused

Hello, my name is Bruce. Yes like Bruce Wayne, or Bruce the shark. Photography is a passion of mine! I try to follow God's lead, and after doing so, I certainly believe one talent He has given me to use is making pictures! Candid events are my favorite kind of paid job to do. I like to let people just be, and capture them in their natural state before they even know someone with a camera and a giant lens took a photo of them. I'm good at not being obvious with a camera! Using a flash is a big no-no in my book unless absolutely necessary, or if it is an event where people actually want some camera attention.

I didn't win 1st place in season 4, so I've already entered season 5 and have a finalist slot there to try again :) Please support me with votes when the time comes! Thanks so much to all my voters for the support last year, and the year to come! :)

Like what you see? Much more of my work is available at !

I do not log onto often, and it seems the interval which I log in averages out to be every 2-3 weeks. I apologize if you don't get a response from me for that time frame.

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