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Michael Campbell

Detroit MI United States Actor

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About Relentless

I'm always nervous when it comes to making an 'about me' bio because I always have the toughest time starting it out. well.. I'm 27 yrs of age, I began acting at age.. 12? I think lol, or 13, one of those. anyway, I'd always had a thing for acting since i was young.. I would watch action stars like Mel Gibson and Wesley Snipes, Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger, and I'd get extremely excited when they would beat up the bad guys, because I wanted to be those guys (the action stars). I remember my first act: I was a roman soldier in a church play,now Imagine a black Roman lol. I thought I did pretty good for a 12 yr old :). another thing about me, I'm a people person, love meeting new people, love inspiring and esteeming others, but you couldn't tell in person sometimes, because I guess i can be kinda shy at first start, just the whole 'getting to know you, gotta get a little more comfortable' kinda thing for me. I mentor kids, and am a big brother to many of them, so that always keeps me happy, AND BUSY.


Likes: All movie genres,

Contemporary christian music,

War soundtracks (Hanz Zimmer especially),

some r&b,

playing basketball,

creating funny characters and performing them for the entertainment of my nieces and nephews,

watching The 1990's television show 'Martin' (actor Martin Lawrence),

I love me some criminal minds,

also staying up all night playing an online game called wartune..awesome game!



Giving up/quitting,



being called 'mikey', what 27 yr old is still called 'MIKIEY'??,

skating, because i fall too much, so I keep a very stiff posture, and push off the railing to at least help me roll forward to a wall or something.. no turns or twists, just forward lol.

Being told I can't do something

Pumpkin pie


waking up out of my sleep when I don't really have to. I just want my sleep sometimes lol



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