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Rory Kramer

Hollywood CA USA Actor

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About RoryKramer

First off, I want to thank everybody that has taken the time to vote for grateful about that!!!!

I am Rory Kramer.  Winner of Yobi Act, co-star on Dream Maker with Audrina Patridge written and directed by Asher Levin!  

My time spent in Detroit shooting was the best experience of my life!!! Not only did I have a blast, I met some of the most talented people and was apart of a new movement Yobi and CEO Dianne are doing! 

I live in Los Angeles, California.  I grew up in Indiana and started making movies at an early age.  My whole life I have enjoyed entertaining people and had dreamed of moving to LA to become an actor.  

After years of putting off the move due to the fact that I was scared and thought it could never happen for me, my life motto change!! My new motto is: "You only live once!"  

Hopefully, one day I can become a successful actor and then can use my success to help underprivileged people take the right step into pursuing their dreams.  

Thanx for taking the time to check out my profile! 

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