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Anthony McMenemy

Sutton in Ashfield Nottinghamshire United Kingdom Film Maker

About TonyMac

There was once a time in my life where I wanted to be ‘the man’, the one everybody talks about, the one everybody wants to be like, and then I finished school, finding myself without a single qualification and a reputation for being an under achiever.

I bounced around from dead end job to dead end job, with the only thing that I looked forward to, was going out clubbing at the weekend. But in time, the routine of that life got me down, because I knew that I had more to offer in this short existence we call life.

I went back to college to earn a qualification in Media and communications, from North Nottinghamshire College (in Worksop, England), but it wasn’t until I had completed a BTEC National Diploma in Multimedia at West Nottinghamshire College (in Mansfield, England) in which I finally found my calling, film making.

As a 24 year old man, I graduated again from West Nottinghamshire College with a HND in Interactive Media, which focused on the development of creativity and innovation in many different forms of media, and I interpreted these developments into a creative vision specifically directed towards telling stories.

We all tell stories in some way or another, to inspire, to impress, to enlighten, to distress, but in all cases, to entertain.

I am a man in love with the art of storytelling. To guide an audience around a world in which I have created, to make them feel the emotions that I felt when I was piecing the puzzle together, is quite possibly the greatest thrill I have experienced in my life to date.

I know everybody in this world has a great passion that burns inside of them and I hope that someday soon we can express ourselves to the fullest degree.

Good luck in your endeavors and I hope to hear from you soon.
Anthony McMenemy

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