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Amzuel Fourtwenty

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About amzuel420

I'm a musician, writer, and pro demo writer. I've done just about everything including a couple of years of service to my country. I'm also a patriot, which is now considered a terrorists by my own government. Their problem is, we know who the terrorists really are...THEM! Their problem is also a lot of people like me, wanting our country back. Maybe one day Obama will also want his country back and then he'll go be president of Kenya. Please pray for Kenya.


I like to get online and listen to the original music of others. I get tired of my own noise sometimes so I like to take a break and listen to some of yours. One of my favorite things is to play at campfires. I've done the 10 and 20,000 thing and I prefer a lot closer group of people. You haven't lived until you've played your heart out for 10,000 screaming people and then you go home alone. Forget it...I'll take the campfire.

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