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Vote Today

Get up and do something NEW today! Maybe that something is finding a YOBISing, YOBIAct, YOBIPics, YOBIFilm, entry to vote for! All of these entries give me so much inspiration I cant handle it! Please take some time to check out my YOBISing entry! Thanks so much guys!

Imagine. Give. Create

I cannot help but constantly think about creating and writing new material and playing my guitar. It is my passion and destiny to make music apart of my life and to bring my thoughts to life by creating it for you all!


I really appreciate all the votes I got for my photos and getting to the finals. I love it, keep the votes coming    

Do vote my film? Let me tell you why...

Hi, I hope you folks will vote my film. If I win, it will help me to get partners, investors, sponsors, distributors for an Elvis-type, romantic-musical feature in English I wish to make. This film will have a gorgeous, sexy, charismatic male lead who also can sing and act very well. Just like...

Yobi TV Winner is Ready to Get Loud!

I am launching a brand new website and (re)-launching my youtube channel which will feature episodes that include: New Films Actor Resources Comedy Drama Modeling And much more! August 2013 Ashley Gets LOUDER! Watch the Trailer:...

Gucci Outlet has become popular among fashion ladies in every season

Will the bag features a dust Gucci Outlet bag? Whether it will, the higher the dust bag ought to be a brown bag satin patterned light brown GG in general, aside from the dust bag is usually the ultimate light brown with gold Gucci image front.Accessory amazing and complicated, Gucci Boston Bag...

oh my way

hi to everybody .i still don't believe that i'm a finalist.thanks to everybody who  vote me and listened to my is all my life...i still keep my fingers amazing....thankyouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu...from massimo

Thanks Everyone!!

I made the finalists! I feel so happy and excited.I truly appreciate it,thanks everyone!

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