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Test Blog Post

After receiving 2 notices that blog posting was having issues, here's a test blog post.  Let's see if it works.

Season 5 Finals - Partial Knockouts Posted

Partial Round 4 knockouts have been posted! Congratulations to the contestants who made it through. We will be in touch with you soon regarding Skype interviews. :)We also want to send out our congratulations and our thanks to ALL of our Season 5 finalists. You guys make YOBI what it is, and we...


It's easter day and I am eating all this candy that my hand is going to explode. What is wrongggggggggggggg withhhhhhhhhhh alll those people who can't eat candy, GIVE ME ALL YOURCANDY OK

Info for Season 5, Round 4 Finalists

I've just posted some information about what will happen when voting in Round 4 ends on Sunday March 31. Please check it out. If you are a Round 4 finalist (yay!), watch your email. The legal guys will be sending you more detailed information within the next day or two.  Best wishes and good...


Congratulations to everyone who made it to the Final Round :-) !!!  I'm really excited for all of us!!!

Thanks for Voting

Hey Ya''ll, Just wanted to thank you for watching my film and voting. If you didn't do it yet, now is the time :-) Cheers   Tomer Werechson

Thank you

Hi everyone i just want to thank all of you who have voted for me and making me go to the finals, i really do appreciate it i am very excited for this and hoping i can make my dream come true, again thank you all for the support and having faith in me :).. God bless you all!

The Womb

IMAGE: A little girl inside a guitar case holding a picture. STORY: "I was sitting in the living room of a newfound friend and was captivated as I watched a little girl popping in and out of a guitar case in an adjoining room. Being told the little girl's famed musician father had recently...

Will Sing for Votes

Hey guys, only a day left to vote in the 3rd round of the finals. Remember you need to vote every week to keep me in the contest. If you haven't already voted this week, please head over...


she came in when i wasn't lookin kissed me on the cheek whispered in my ear and said... go head daddi play a song 4 me i can't sleep 4 dayz need me a nice dream told me u got the fire the mud  the dust the earth and the rain in your handz go 'head daddi... play baby play.... play...

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