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Hello everyone!! Please vote for our first short film 'Alone.' we shot it on a Saturday afternoon during hot and humid weather and with a storm coming in that even caused the tornado sirens to go off during shooting! the sun wasnt very good to us as shown in the film but...we made the most of it...


How does one pick themselves up after years of being down and out.  It takes money to make money.

In case you didnt know...

Greetings! In case you didn't know I have a youtube channel called itASHLEYoutloud. Please check out the intro video for more info on Ashley! You can also subscribe at : Secondly, I just completed my latest parody video. Give it...

Painless Film

Hey everyone please check this out when you get a chance, it would be greatly appreciated.


Go check out my profile and videos! It would make my day, week, month, possibly my year :P

"Take the Stage"

Hey Guys! What do you think of "Take the Stage"???? It was such an amazing experience and everyone was so cool. Each week when I watch I wish we were all still fun! How about "Darkchild" being there with Johnny!?!? I'm still like, pinch me! Congrats to all next seasons finalist,...

Hey You!!!!!

Hey everybody! Hey Mom! Productions is excited to finally be on, and is happy to be part of the great online video community. Please stop by our Youtube page and subscribe, like our videos, and leave us suggestions or requests. We love the...

I'm Back

I've left the community for a while, but I'm glad to finally be back. I've went through some personal issues and I was in a bit of a rutt. please go check out two of my new photo's and tell me what you guys think! Blessings, Ty

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