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Hey guys!

Well, I've just been introduced to the world of Yobi and I hope that my entries attract some positive comments and feedback. I'd love to hear back from you guys. Your thoughts and what you liked/disliked about any of my entries! Please email Make sure you like us on...

Job Centre Jesus

'Job Centre Jesus' has been made a finalist of the Yobi Laugh contest, hazar! All the way from the UK, we're looking to pick up a US award for our controversial (according to some) but hilarious nonetheless sketch. If you've got the time, please feel free to watch our sketch and if you like...

Nice to Be Here

Hello everyone, I am Cari Kindl. It is really great to see a site like this. I am going to enjoy getting to know everyone and listen to all the great talent. Please stop by and say hello.  Much Love~ Cari

Take the Stage update :)

hey guys! just wanted to thank you all again for supporting me and allowing me this amazing opportunity. i've been working real hard this week on the Take the Stage set. the YOBI team has been awesome, the cast is really talented and nice and working with JOHNNY WRIGHT is like a dream come...

Hey yobians!!!:)

Hye guys! just wanted to let you know a comedic monologue is in the'm memorizing the lines and it will be posted up tomorrow or later then monday;)...I hope you guys will like it!

Hey yobians!

Hey name is Blossom:)...thought I'd write on here because I never do and I should! would be so cool to actually meet people on here:)...I'd like to know you guys better ...I see your videos and your bio and a lot of you seem like pretty cool people and I know we have 1 thing in...

Hello YOBI Peeps! :)

Hey guys! So I've been having some internet issues lately keeping me from really being on here the way I would like to but nevertheless I wanted to stop by, tell you all Good Luck and thank you to the ones who are still supporting me. It's amazing when artists come together and YOBI is the...

Take the Stage!!!

So excited to start filming "Take the Stage" this week. Can't wait to meet the team, JOHNNY WRIGHT &  the other finalist!!! I leave in 2 day! yayyyyyy!!! Thank you again to everyone who has helped make this opportunity possible for me. I hope you'll be following the series!!! xoxo

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