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Voting starts TONIGHT!!!!! WOO HOOOOOO!!!! Please YOBI voters....VOTE FOR ME!!!!!!


Why on earth would you idiot people post pictures that you clearly used Photoshop to edit it?  Photography is taking a picture and maybe editing the exposure, contrast, tint, sharpness, etc.  Photography is not going into Photoshop and making something fake.  So, don't think just because you...

sWAggy.TV is here!

Hey everybody! Your favorite rapper/comedian/gamer/sex symbol is back!!! PLEASE check this out its the first of many its called "sWAggy.TV" . Everything about it was all done by you name it! Im hoping my Audrina phone call will have enough votes to make it to...

Movin' on up...

Well as it seems, doors keep opening for me, and I keep going right through them!! Did a video shoot yesterday for Joe Zangie's new song YOU REMIND ME...we had sooo much fun on the set and I am seriously wanting this oppoortunity with the Situation!!! So MIKE IF YOU ARE READING THIS....PLEASE...


Please Vote Vote Vote For Me Me Me :0    

until there is yobi.rap

Hey everybody. sWAggy long legs here and i am going to be entering my video "My less than sign three equals less than sign two when im with you" its a Valentine's day song that I made for my bff.....she has always been good to me and deserves recognition! Im not looking to be on some singing...

New Video

hey guys! please go vote for my new video titled "I'm backkk" I really want to win the Audrina Patridge contest, but I need your help!! I'll vote for your videos too if you ask! X)

Effective Website Promotion Tips

We all need people to enjoy our website. That is not several very intricate thing to understand. We all need our products and services get promotion so that we attract many clients, get our firms booming and receive cash.There is however other option also which is more reasonable. One such...

top 9....keep them votes comin

hey everybody! Im pleased that my video is gettin some votes!!! PLEASE watch, vote and comment!!!!! Its really funny......i promise..........completely improvised!!!!

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