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so, I made into the 3rd week of the finals!!!! I didn't at all think I'd get this far and I have only you guys on to thank! Your support has been overwhelming and has made me feel so welcome within the community here, something I have never felt on YouTube. I feel like my work is...

2 sydez

2sydez...take IIromanticinsatiablekurioushopefullhoplesswondererwanderer♥'er... thoguhtfulking4adayfreeunbound

Please help me make it to Round 4 !!!

Please help me make it to Round 4 !!! YOU GUYS!!! I made it to Round 3 !!! Can you even believe it???30 people will be eliminated this week. Please help me make it to Round 4 (the last round) !!! THIS IS GOING TO BE A TOUGH ROUND!!! I love you all so much for supporting me through this....


About a year ago I enter a photo contest expecting to go no where with this, and here I am, a round 3 finalist! I want to thank everyone for the votes I've received and hopefully I will be able to make it further! I am just so estatic, I can't even believe it!!! :)))) LOOK HOW HAPPY I AM

Promovindu-te pe Google obtii trafic gratuit calitativ

Una dintre metodele cel mai des folosita pentru a obtine un trafic site gratuit este cea a marketingului articolelor. Aceasta tehnica are ca scop atragerea de linckuri catre site-ul pe care il ai. Ea se bazeza pe scrierea unui articol cit mai interesant  care sa cuprinda in subiect ceea ce iti...


Uhh ? I need some help ! I can't seem to be able to find the Season 6 contest to enter in ? Anyone ?

Get yer vote on!

HER: Do these pants make my ass look big? HIM: Don't be silly. If anything your ass makes those pants look small!   Thanks to everyone who has voted so far and if you haven't voted yet, here is my finals...

Do you ever make a video?

And you're just like....     What to say, what to say.  I totally repeated myself.  Should I start over?   *smiles*   So happy for everyone who made it to ROUND 2 !!!     Let's all go to ROUND 3 !!!     Congratulations to everyone!!!  

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