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hey everybody dont worry im going to upload more videos 


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ok all my friends ask me for advice on dating. and i give it to them but i still have yet to find a guy for myself! why is it i can give perfect advice but no one can give me advice?? i need help! haha i mean they all say "oh i had a great date last night what did you do cuz we couldnt hang...


this is my life.. i will live it however i want it i might feel sorry, or regret at the end of it but hu cares, atleast i can say i lived my life happy.


Just Joined...don't know what i'm trying to accomplish?


I am so proud to have become a semi-finalist. Thank you so much for everyone who voted for me. I am so glad you voted for me. Dont forget , if you are in the Toronto/Brampton area, iam playing Maguires in Brampton on Aug 28   Hope to see yall there   Katee   PS. Please leave some comments...


Well this is the first of my "blog"....not sure what to say...Ah, well I've taken some photos that I'm hoping will take me to finals! I need to find my birth father...I want to meet him.

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