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Just Joined...don't know what i'm trying to accomplish?


I am so proud to have become a semi-finalist. Thank you so much for everyone who voted for me. I am so glad you voted for me. Dont forget , if you are in the Toronto/Brampton area, iam playing Maguires in Brampton on Aug 28   Hope to see yall there   Katee   PS. Please leave some comments...


Well this is the first of my "blog"....not sure what to say...Ah, well I've taken some photos that I'm hoping will take me to finals! I need to find my birth father...I want to meet him.


I am going to be working on a video that will be entered into the contest. I hope it comes out good!

The Dream....

I wake up from a dream every night in a cold sweat. This dream has been following me since i was a little girl. I feel alone in the dark, wishing to see a spec of light shining through to help me feel safe. No one hears me breathing. No one hears me blinking. I am alone in a dark room waiting...

New Yobi

So If you don't already know me, you should know I'm a youtuber. ( found this website out and i want to try it out, please add me :)Thanks - Sara

first of many

my real name is kathryn but mostly everyone calls me katie, kb , bruno , or anything else that you can think of when putting katie and bruno together . i'm about to turn 19 on thursday and i'm actually not looking forward to it at all. i love my birthday and the attention and of course the...

back in the studio finishing up

hey guys, it's a really exciting time for me as i am currently finishing up in the studio and preparing for a few charity performance dates! thanks so much to everyone for your kind emails and support here on yobi!    all my best, Derek

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