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Who I Am

I have a youtube channel its called: officialamericashow. I think i may enter the comedy contest but i don't know yet so subscribe to my channel!


Just joined yobi and I'm excited to get started. I really wish my camera had better quality but we'll see!  - Eric

We're a Semifinalist!

WOW!  I (Stefan) found this site after looking at a wikipedia article on Audrina Patridge.  2 weeks later, we're a semifinalist in the YOBILaugh channel.  Many thank yous to all who voted for us.  We apprecaite it. If you dig our "Famous" skit, make sure you check out for the...

I think I'm in LOVE!

With!!!  This is my new Home Page!  I have always wanted to be a blogger/vlogger.  Blogs and vlogs coming reeeal soon!! 


omggg! I'm in the top 9 right now?? YAY! :D i'm so stoked! Thanks everyone:) -alexis case!

Relaxing now that summer draws to a close...

Summer is over soon. Not really soon, but soon enough. Can't wait for it to start getting cold again. The class I was teaching over the summer is done too. Good times with my students... I hope they learned a lot and had fun. haha Mmm yep.

Whats Happenin Yobi TV

Whats happening Yobi Tv. Im Anthony or... MrArtistic. I am entering the film making contest make sure you check me OUT!!!!!

So many views!

OK, I don't know if anyone is gonna read this, but I entered two vids in the YobiLaugh contest. One has over 7,000 views and the other has over 4,000. Why cant this happen on YouTube???


Hello, Thankyou for taking the time to have a look at my photos. I am by no means a professional photographer. I've just loved taking photos since I was a young girl and I have three camera's. A pink Samsung pocket camera (digital) An iPhone 3gs and; A Sony Cyber-Shot DSC H9 The photos...

Holy Hannah!

Over 4700 views on Scotty's Castle! That's outrageous! I'm really stoked right now!

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