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INSULTINATORS are not very nice...they are the out of state versions of Jersey Girl Destroyers...when they do not get enough attention, they insult others in hopes to get noticed...please forgive them...for they know not what they do...GET HER OUT OF HERE!!! That's usually what we all say to the...


<a href=""><img src="" alt="YOBI.TV - Vote for JasmineNJ&#39;s entry Jersey Girl 101 in Mike The Situation Sorrentino...


Hey everyone im thankful for everyone viewing my videos i have posted so far, means alot to me. When the voting opens, make sure you cast your vote for me and ill be seeing everyone soon. Thanks again Yobi TV and Mike "The Situation" and all you viewers out there!!!

la differance

bonjours à tous moie je suis une personnes differants, nous sommes tous differants moie cest mon visages halucinant impresionnantsi il ya des personnes qui peuve se mobillisées pour ma differance mercie à tous de votre humanitées.

Dreaming Big

This is one of my dreams to be on a show and get my name out into the vote for me, and i wont let anyone down!!

Contest Entry

Hey guys ive entered this contest to cohost with The Situation and imma need your help! thanks   <a href=""><img...


Hey Its Megan. This is my 1st blog. Im pretty pumped to be posting this blog lol. Add me as a friend. or well be my friend. Im pretty cool:)

So Fresh

Hey guys! My good friend Philip Southern finally convinced me to enter the contest which I will do so soon and join the Yobi community,  I love meeting new people, and this place will be a good start.   I have a blog/site called, Check it out. My latest entry...

Please Vote for me to be a Finalist

Firstly, i want to thank all the people that voted for me to be in the semifinals, i love and appreciate you all.    The moment is here again, the semifinals round has already started. Please i need your vote to get to the finals. i am passionate about what i do but i learnt that passion is not...

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