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My rap

the top is to deep the bottem is the shallow livin in the dark i feel like i'm just a shadow

Breathe by Shea  pleaese VOTE for me ONE Week left!!!! I think you'll like it:) Cheers


Hello everyone! My name is Elizabeth. I'm 16 years old I live in ohio and i'm currently in school for gaphic arts. I tried to make a vlog intro but i'm way to awkward for it XD.  I would love to be a professional photographer one day. Maybe even work for Nat Geo :]. Thats unlikely though so...

NEW !!

i'm new to this i heard about it from what the buck, don't know how to use it yet. I really want to join the contest but im 17 blahh how annoying

Almost end of week2

Goodmorning YOBI world, Thank-you to everyone that has voted and viewed my audition so far. The end of the voting week is always a nervous time for me, coming home from work, thinking did I make it? Am I still in the top contestants. So I hope that I make the cut this week. Thanks for you...


Breathe...Check this gorgeous song Hey, I've entered the YOBISing Contest with my entry, "breathe", and I need your vote! You can view my entry at

Check out this tune.... Over You

<a href=""><img src="" alt="YOBI.TV - Vote for Shea&#39;s entry OVER YOU  in YOBISing Contest" /></a>

My Motto and Slogan

I just wanted to say a little about myself..   I am a guy who loves company and who loves to help others. I don't hate for certain reasons, but there's a time to show displeasure at things. Just take a listen to my motto in life. If you feel the same, be my friend on here. Everyone wants to...

Thank you!

Yesterday was the last day of the filming for the ''Dream Maker'' webserie, and I cried. Some of you might think I'm over-reacting, maybe I am, but it's not just about leaving the awesome people with who I worked with, this whole experience has teached me a lot about myself &...

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