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one round dow, two to go for sWAggy!

Hey Miles "sWAggy long legs" Simmons here and and im happy to say i made it to the next round for the Audrina Patridge finals!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! help me reach all the way!!!!! This would be a dream come true!!!

My recent entry

I am trying to post more entries so people can get to hear more of me so they can decide to vote for me in the finals   <embed src="" />


Please only vote for me if you think I should win. Thank you.

vote sWAggy....lets get this locked!

Hey its Sunday already! Im hoping i advance today to the next round of the Audrina Patridge contest! if you havent voted already please do!


    Send a vote my way and keep the doctor away lol Thanks for all the votes, keep em coming! Last round is this sunday :) Have a fun weekend make it memorable

* ~ * Profile Update* ~ *

Hey guys, I just got back from Disney world! I went to vist my bestfriend who moved away. It feels so good to be back in Michigan!  N e ways, I just wanted to say thanks for putting me back up on top six! You guys have no idea how much this means to me. I love you all. Please make sure you check...

Hey Everyone

Hey my 1st blog on here. I'm not a big blogger, but here's a start .  I just made some videos also on vlogs check them out too. I'm Eileen. I grewn up in NY my whole life. I'm naturally brunette but I have gotten asked are you sure your not a blonde. Nope I'm not. I'm a ditz , clutz, outgoing,...

job interview at The Buckle today

hey thanks Yobi for making my life interesting. The person who gave me the interview asked "Tell me something interesting that has happened to you in the last year" and besides my professional gaming national tournament and my rap being chosen out of thousands for MIMS open bars contest, i...

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