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hello :)

If you get a minute please check out my song, would love to have your support. This has been an amazing experience so far. Thanks a million for your votes and support, it really means a lot to me. I love hearing from you. Busy day with classes and work, hope to see you on yobi live tonight....

valentines day

so my boyfriend dumped me cause i didnt get him anything but he didnt give me anything si like yea what a total jerk off!

Skeleton Ring

Hello Everyone! Please Vote for Skeleton Ring under the Film Contest. I am very proud to have made it this far and am excited at what might be in my future!

Hey All :)

Hey Everyone! This has been a great ride so far. I had someone send me a link to this contest. When I entered I had no idea where it would go. It wasn't until I checked my spam file that I saw the email from YOBILegal telling me that I had advanced and that action was needed. And since then, as...

Week 3 Finals

Thank you everyone for all the support I can't appreciate it enough to have this opportunity. Please, keep voting for my short film and hopefully I'll make it to the top 16 finalists :D

Almost there!!!

Made it through another elimination round!!! So glad to still be in the running, thanks to EVERYONE that voted!!!

I'm in the top 12

I think that it is great that I made it into the top 12. I thank everybody that voted for me. If you really like my video try and vote for it everyday. If you have a video you'd like me to check out post it in my " Abs of Steel " comments and tell me what you think of mine. Hooray !!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you / Round 3

I'm in round 3!  Thank you to everyone who has voted for me!!  Messaging seems to be down on the site, so I haven't been able to send out specific thank yous, but rest assured they're coming! It would be amazing if you'd keep voting, so I can stay in the...

Thanks for making me so HAPPY!

Hey guys, just wanted to say you made my day! I am so happy I made it to Round 3, these is just amazing! Please keep voting for me and help me make my dream come true! Have a great week :-) Tomer Werechson

THANK YOU!!!!!!!

Well, a massive thank you to everyone who has voted for my song 'White Light'....i am really excited to have made it through to week 3 of the final stages! There is so much talent in this competition and i appreciate the time you've taken to listen to my song and vote. Please continue to do so...

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