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Holy Crap!

Hey! Everyone! Were just like Shane Dawson T.V.! We don't ask question's though!                                   Woot Woot- Love and peace from the Jacked11 Group!                                                       ...

My first day on

Hi there everybody! Thanx for viziting my page and for the views of my first video for YOBI.TV ;) I hope you enjoyed it. So... I'm from Russian Federation. I'm 25 years old. I like electronic music and trash-cinema. Most of all i like to talk with kind and talant people. So any messages and ...

Very first blog post!

Hey guys! this is my very first blog post if anyones viewing this lol i dont really get how the site works yet (but i'm working on it) Vote for me here: Thanks so much if you do your awesome! Also just wanna say hello world...

WhatTheBuckShow Featured Me!

Hey guys!   Just a quick note to say Michael 'WhatTheBuckShow' Buckley just put neon lights in his latest video!   Check it out now!!!   Patrick xxx


Thanks for everyone for voting for my Rain Splatter photo.  I'm going to post a video but I have to get my mothers permission first :P     It was my first day of school today.  I was way more excited about being semi finalist than going to school.  I am now a junior.  I hope this year is going...


Hello Yobi People!   Some how i appear to have got through to the next round. Just wanted to say thanks and that i really apreciate it! Let's keep going and kick some yobi ass!   See ya in a few weeks time!   Patrickxx

New job!

Got a new job at H&M! So excited to start next week. Things are very relaxed these days. Hanging with friends... taking pictures... Just need some major upgrades. Haha   I've recently fallen in love with MGMT. But not because of "Congratulations." I really don't like that album. But the first...

First Time On YOBI

Haay everyone! This is my first time on here and I heard it from WhatTheBuck. I think that this is a good way to get my further in my life. I am young as I am only 13. So it's good to start now than later. I am going to be entering the YOUBI PICS contests as I think I have got a good eye for...


Hey, I am jessica!! I've been singing my entire life i have lots of experience and you can look at my youtube channel its m life dream to be on disney and this carrer so please vote me!!

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