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We're number 1 on the ReverbNation Electronica/Dance charts for são paulo, SP, BR.

Hi Yobi TV

Well isn't this a neat little website?  I don't know how to totally use it yet, but I'm working on it.

Season 3...

Hello!  Well, last season I was lucky enough to finish in 5th place here at the YOBI Sing Contest, and this season...I am hoping I can get the votes I need to make it all the way to 1st place!  This season, my song, "Chance" has made it to the Semifinals!!!  Voting for the semifinals begins...

'Memories' - soundtrack

Hi guys,   In addition to my latest video in which I talk about the production of 'Memories' I'd like to use this space to thank Mr. Boris Benko and Mr. Primož Hladnik from the band Silence for allowing me to use their wonderful track 'Runalong' as the soundtrack.   Silence is a Slovenian...

I Want to Stay

Hello friends, Well another season of starts and we are once again voting. I would like to encourage everyone to vote for my song "I Want to Stay" written for my lovely wife Peggy who is the most amazing woman I have ever known! I could not have created a better friend, partner and...

thank you~

thank you everyone for voting for my picture!! thats so awesome!


over 22,000 views, but not 1 comment! very strange, this place??

Passageway to hell

Checkout PITCH FOR TO HELL on youtube. This is a video pre-pitch for the script TO HELL.

thank you

thank you every one for voting for my picture. and thank you for having these contest :) free for every one

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