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Nice is nice, except at night

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Dec 15 unplugged performance

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Hello Yobi Viewers

I just wanted to say thanks to all of you who voted for my picture! I didn't think it would get into the top nine at all. But im going to be posting more! Keep voting for me, thanks for the love, if you send me messages i'll be sure to reply to them as soon as possible! -Vanessa Riojas

What I've been up to.

Hey everyone, still extremely excited about being a finalist in film. March is still a ways off, so I've been looking for other projects to help make the time go by a little faster. One thing I found was Doritos' Crash the Superbowl contest. I've always wanted to make one but finally got to help...


Hey ya'all,   I hate to say it be every time I try to up load a contest video on here or youtube it never works on any of my home computers:( If any one has any advice for me to get this to start working that would be awsome!   THANKS!!!!! Love Bre♥♥♥

Thanks Again!

Wow I made it to a semifinalist twice.  Thanks for all of your voting and support!  Don't be afraid to add me as a friend of message me!  Also can you comment more?  I love hearing from you!   Rachael

All Albums on sale through October!

As a way of thanking everyone for voting me into the Semi-Finals, I've made all of my albums $0.99 throughout the month of October.  Head on over to my online music store to purchase them!

Check out our vlogs

'til we leave aren't the best bloggers, however we've had a go a being the best vloggers. Check out our vlogs on the special vlog section. When in the vlog section you will be able to see our first ever vlog. We hope to replenish the vlog section with more vlogs in the soon to be...

Exciting News?

I’m possibly getting a new camera soon! VERY excited. =D I’m choosing between the Nikon d5000 or the Canon Rebel XSi and will be trying to get my hands on both at the store! I also joined the Photography Club at my school, so hopefully that can get me some more practice and time with my...

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