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Consolation Prize

I have already written in regards to why the semi-finalist from last season have NOT received a consolation prize as promised.  I have gotten no response.  I am aware of myself and another semi-finalist who received nothing. I really wish you had not even mentioned it if no one was going to...

My Life, Currently

Well, I thought I'd talk about what's going on in my life right now. To put it bluntly, I'm in a financial crisis. Haha I'm deeeep in debt. Thanks to the graciousnes of my parents, they've fronted the money to a lot of bills... like a ticket I got when I flipped my truck, school for fall and...


New to YOBI :)


hi friends m new in vobi plz help me  

Hard Rocking with Moeraes Fate

Which Rock from the Sun did Moeraes Fate come from because it sure couldn’t be the planet of the Third Rock! That’s the first thought that raced through me the first time I was blown away seeing and hearing their performance in Niagara Falls on New Years Eve. Memorizing, unique, powerful are...

Giving it a shot

Well, I thought I'd give a shot. Keaton Andrew, a photographer who I've known of for a while now, won the last season... and that encouraged me to create a profile and submit some entries. Let's see where this leads us! haha  

Just to say hello!

Hello there! Were painduproductions, this is just a way for us to introduce ourselves.   We are two high school kids, who like to joke around and do comedic skits.  Anyways, follow us on and ! We haven't uploaded any video on youtube yet but will, soon. youtube:...

First Blog

So this is my youtube channel so you can hear me sing:)

Tyler Shields

so Tyler shields is my new hero. I've loved his work from day one but now its just wow......i hope to take pics like him one day but a little less sexual lol so please help me by voting for at least one picture of mine only if you like them.......i know they aren't the best but once i...

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