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Oh, yay!

Woke up this morning, checked my email, as usual... & saw that I made it to the finals! How exciting! Thank you guys sooo much for your support. I never saw myself on the top votes list so I didn't have ANY idea. I only posted 2 videos way back when this first started and was determined that if...

sWAggy long legs-Heres the situation

Hey everybody! its a new week and i can not stress enough how much i want to be paired with Sitch! Vote for my video "heres the situation" and i will return the favor! lets help each other out!!!!!! and if you got a...


Wow I cannot believe the response I have been getting from this site. I posted my video on a whim based on someone's suggestion on youtube, and I was not expecting anything at all. I am writing some new stuff, and I will probably post some older material shortly, in the meantime I appreciate...

Lazy Susan

Goddamnit! How did the youth of America get so lazy? Well find out how one father takes action!

Grandma's Surprise!

Holy moly over 12,00 views! Thats right rocks. I have been telling everyone about how awesome this site is. Ll of those other videos sites are no longer about promoting the unknown film makers its about promoting themselves. This site has taken what youtube and starsearch used to do...

vote for sWAggy long legs to advance in yobi.laugh

Hey Everybody! Miles Simmons aka sWAggy long legs just sayin hello! Ive been workin really hard at work........havent really had time to be on here spreadin the word but PLEASE get me into the top3 for yobi.laugh, its one of the top 9 at the moment...

Patiently waiting

 I have been through so much within my life. Delt with hard times come to accept change and the things I had to cope through. Yet I feel no clarity. What should I do? Constantly I become over whelemed with rushes of sensations. Feeling as though there is something important in which I must...


WOW!!!!!!!!!!! THank-you soooooooooooooo much for voting for me so far. I am blown away by how supportive you have all been. Please keep voting for me so that I make it through :) Feel free to message me or add me as a friend and I will vote for you too. Much Luv A-J

B day 2/21

its my b day on monday, give me a b day present and put me in the finals please haha

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