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Every one who has not seen my film VAMPYR please do it. Tell me what you think, comment and critisize! And dont forget to vote if you like it!

sWAggy long legs in the newspaper!

Hey everybody! I recently was interviewed by The Columbian which is the newspaper in my home town of Vancouver, WA! Heres the link if you wanna take a look  Also PLEASE vote for my yobi.laugh video "sWAggy.TV" if you...

I need your help!

Hey Everyone, I am a finalist in the yobi.sing competition. Please check out my page and if you like my video please vote for me to win. Music is my love and passion and I would love to win this competition. Cheers! Peace and love!   AG

Everybody vote for sWAggy.TV

Hey everybody! Finals just kicked off and i couldnt be any more excited/nervous/anxious about it! You only get one vote so please make it count and vote for me!!! I dream of having my own reality tv show someday and i think getting noticed on here could jump start it!...


My name is Larry Graves, although on the Internet I am better known as the "Canadian Studmuffin." My main following is on YouTube, with over 24,600 subscribers and over 10.2 million total video views. I was born in North Bay, Ontario Canada on February 28th, 1958. One of my first...

sWAggy llong legs-the rapper

Hey everyone!!! Ive said it before and i will say it numerous more times but i am a very blessed human being. A lot of my blessings have been God-given but i also work extremely hard. I have a chance to have my hard work that i have been doing musically pay off when they announce the open bars...


Thank you every one so mcuh for voting for me again this year and geting me into the finals once again. I would not be here if it was for all of your votes so thank you once again :)

happy jersday (vote for me!)

Hey everybody! Its Miles Simmons aka sWAggy long legs here wishing everyone a very happy and safe st. Patrick's day. Also happy Jersday... be sure to vote for my "heres the situation" video...... i would love being paired up with Sitch : D. But more importantly PLEASE vote for my yobi.laugh...

thank you every one

thank you every one for geting me into the semifinals for 3 months straight and now again for the last month. but i need all your votes again so PLEASE vote for me here is the link :)

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