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Excited Yet Conffuzled

Haha I hope I know how to use this I've heard of this competition so ..I guessed I wanted to try it out : D I wish someone could help me and tell me what to do..cause I'm lost.

Season 5 Winners Announced

I am happy to announce that our Season 5 winners are now featured not only on our contest pages, but also on the News blog and on the Take the Stage Facebook pages. We will be tweeting the winners throughout the week as well. If you're a friend or fan of the winners, we...

Top Talent Scouts Announced

We've just announced the winners of the Season 5 Finals Talent Scout contest. If you missed the Tweets or the Facebook post, you can check out the complete list of winners on the YOBI News Blog. Congrats to Manu Vincent, Bartlomeij Rypel, and the rest of our winning Talent Scouts!...


well i'am in the top five for the photo contest, but i could not do the web interview so now i have to wait till monday to find out who won. i wonder if i will still be sane by then lol.


I'm feeling nice right now.

Round 4 Flop

didn't make it through round 4, but I am absolutely thrilled with how well I did. I didn't expect to get so far in my first contest and didn't enter my best work. It gives me great hope for season 6 and that is where I make my next attempt. Thanks to everyone who voted and congratulations to...

Test Blog Post

After receiving 2 notices that blog posting was having issues, here's a test blog post.  Let's see if it works.

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