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Prep For The Finals

Hey There Guys, It has again been a while since the last blog post which is again in no small part due to being distracted by university commitments and opening an entertainment company. This year has also had me learning Tap Dance which was an unexpected surprise....not that you get very...

My Journey to Bootcamp !!

Hey Guys!Make sure to check out the yobi video of my journey so's been amazing!!! Can't wait to share what we've been working on. Thank you again for all the support. Good luck to all the Season 5 contestants !!

'Meridian' TV pilot.

Hey guys, we're supposed to be shooting our Yobi series shortly, just waiting on the word from the big wigs. In the meanwhile I'm gearing up to direct my first feature length television pilot called 'Meridian'.  It's a 'Lost' type series loaded with twists and turns. It follows 5 people who...

4 Tips for Season 5 Finalists: Use Your Profile

We've just put out the first of a series of blog posts designed to help YOBI Contest Finalists prepare for the Season 5 Finals. The first post in the series can be found here: We will indeed be...


Allegria is the feeling of joy, happiness, freedom.   The english translation of greek lyrics:   Blow on me, blow on my eyes, i want your breath to be the light for me.   Hold me, hold my hand, i want your heart to be the guide for me.   Allegria, allegria, i want to live by this...

Short Film?

Hey Everyone Tavon Here as some of you already know im gonna be in the play Music Man which Starts on March 1,2,3,8,9,10,15,and 16 at Franklin Middle School Main Street & Cockeys Mill Road, Reisterstown MD. But im also looking to be in a short film so if there are any one who a Film Making out...

Vote for me plzzzz

hello all If you like my pics please vote for me to make me enter into finals.. <a href="

Thanks to all of you :)

Thanks all of you for making me one of the finalist.Soon i will get Yobi tshirt as a reward for my work which will act as a booster to deliver more quality work..

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