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Am i dreaming?

Posted by glamzie123 on Jul 10 2012

my dreams quote well is "Reach out and aim for the moon, and even if you dont get there you will reach the stars: which i adapted from a picture i saw.

i have to admit i am not the best in class, i am not the best in sports either, but when i sing, act, desigh, dance, it seams not to matter

i dream to be a famouse singer, actor, dancer, desighner, and movie director, but also to be inspirational to ppl and teenagers like me

yes i have lost,i have been discouraged, laughed at, denied, ignored, and many other things, but still i love myself, for who i am/

sometimes i say to myself: "My dream, is rapidly becoming a nightmare" because of ppl's words and actions, that i dont ever think that i am going to fulfil my dream

so i ask myself am i dreaming?


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