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Teri "Lyric" Green

Chicago IL USA Computer Programmer/Broadcast Engineer

About LyricsJourney

"It is not where you come from, but where you decide to go that counts the most" 

By Teri "Lyric" Green

I am from Chicago, IL (YES), I was once an Orphan (YES), I saw more than the hand I was dealt and demanded a re-deal and strived until I was one of the most elite Computer/ Broadcast Engineers in Chicago (YES). Life is short but within my short time I have been nominated for song of the year twice:

Underground Music Awards NYC 2011 - Death of a Poet

Music in Media Awards Hollywood, CA 2011 - Can't Back Down

I also won a songwriting competition called Show Me the Music for my genre hip hop with my song "Death of a Poet" 2010. I entered the Coors Light Search for the coldest MC competition in 2011 and became number 5 in the Midwest. My song Cold as Ice represented the competition and was downloaded 22,500 times. I challenged myself to 50 mics in 60 Days and completed the challenging I covered states like Nashville, TN, Atlanta, GA, Detroit, MI, Benton Harbor, MI, Memphis, TN, Clinton, Iowa and more. Countries: Negril, Jamaica and Montego Bay. I am now an International / National Hip Hop artist.I hit Chicago's underground hip hop scene coming out the top competor in rap battles against some of Chicago's most elite rap artist and if that wasn't enough I just became a winner on Take the Stage!!!!! I am now pairing with the magnificent Gabrielle Taryn as a group coming to your radios soon....!

I will like to say Thanks to everyone who supported me I appreciate every last one of you!




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