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Nia Fisher

London U.K

About niafisher

Hi....well i could give you my life story but we'd be here for hours! I'll tell you the most important thing, i feel most at peace when i'm singing my music. Maybe it would've been 'better' if i'd strived to make it as a singer/songwriter when i was in my early twenties but i never had the confidence to let anyone else hear my material. I believe everything is about timing, i wasn't the same person then and i wasn't writing the same kind of music. Fear can hold you back in so many ways but more recently my life has taken a turn and i'm not fearful anymore. I just want to share my songs with as many people as possible and hopefully move them in some way.

I love all kinds of music, i grew up learning harmonies with the beach boys via one brother and appreciating Rock and Classical via the other.

There just isn't enough space on here to scratch the surface about myself and besides, i'd rather let my music do the talking as that's why we're here after all. So, have a listen to 'White Light' and please vote if you enjoy the song.....thank you in advance if you do!!!!

P.S There are other original songs of mine on  and   I'm always keen to hear people's thoughts!

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