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Miles Simmons

Wenatchee WA United States food clerk/professional gamer/hopeful rapper

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About sWAggylonglegs

My name is Miles Simmons but you can call me sWAggy long legs.....the future of rap and also a profressional videogamer!  The "WA" is capitalized because i am from Vancouver, WA and i love the northwest! I have won numerous tournaments for gaming including a national tournament in 2010. But now the focus is rap music and figuring out how to become a reality tv star! Please follow me @swaggylonglegs. I am just like everyone else with dreams and i have had my fair share of letdowns. But as cliche as it sounds those letdowns shape you, humble you and motivate you. Ill tell you all straight up givin the opportunity to meet  Sitch or Asher Levin i would promote myself...see what connects i can get because getting my own show on MTV or VH1 is a must!!!

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