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Gabrielle Taryn

Gabrielle Taryn

Take The Stage Webseries Finalist

I am a little girl with a big voice.

When I step off stage after I am done singing, the reaction I usually get from people is "oh! that voice came out of YOU?! but you're such a little peanut!"

I am a top 40 pop singer with soul. Christina Aguilera is my inspiration.

I want to be known not only for my catchy songs, but for my voice.

I grew up listening to artists such as Whitney Houston and Celine Dion and nowadays I am the biggest Christina fan in the world.

I love Rihanna's music and I believe Kelly Clarkson has found the perfect mix between staying true to her powerhouse vocals and banging out songs that make you want to jump up and down. That is what I aspire to be.

My lyrics are important to me because they always come from personal experiences. I like to think of clever metaphors to include in my lyrics, so that my songs are different than what already exists while still being about something that my audience can relate to.

Singing makes me happier than anything else in the world and I can't imagine doing anything else for the rest of my life! I am so grateful to be surrounded by my supportive friends and family. Thank you all :)