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Tyler Howe

Grand Rapids Michigan United States of America Musician

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About thowe2

** See my NEW Bio Video at the bottom of this page to hear my thoughts on how filming "Take The Stage" went. Basically, I'm PUMPED for you all to see! **


About Me:

21 Year Old Singer/Songwriter/Drummer/Guitarist/Bassist

From Grand Rapids, Michigan

Family: Only child and my parents are awesome. Also, I have extended family in five different states. Maybe that's not that rare, but I thought it was cool-ish.

I love Twitter (

Favorite Show = Everybody Loves Raymond (I still watch re-runs almost every night.)

Most important on this list = God is my strength, my provider and my Savior: John 3:16, Phillipians 4:6-7

Lover of pranks

Will have a degree in Advertising/Public Relations from GVSU in April 2012

Cold Pizza is my favorite food. 

After a show I played drums at one time, someone acted like they were going to rob me while I was walking outside and then told me they were joking. 

If you want to know anything else, ask (Hey, tweet me - Remember? I love twitter.)


- Tyler

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