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YOBIFilm Contest entry

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MONIKA” is a modern day telling of a starry eyed undocumented Polish immigrant of the same name set against the backdrop of the familiar bustling New York City streets. “MONIKA” treats the audience to a satiating fast paced dramatic cinematic experience interspersed with a delectable yet suspenseful second act.  It is a palate cleansing cautionary tale of the dangers that lurk beneath the surface of a tall, dark and handsome stranger with a killer smile.

Like many immigrants that flee to the city of dreams from their native land, Monika is in search of a better life. Although the NYC streets are not exactly paved with gold, she dreams a dream in which red carpet premieres, photographer flash bulbs, and autograph signings are a part of her everyday life. On one fateful day she crosses paths with Sebastian, the “corporate lawyer” who is not quite what he seems. A series of events unfold that changes the course of Monika’s life forever and in almost cruel twist of fate she gets exactly what she has dreamt of all along.

An unsuspecting Monika pedals along excitedly on her way to a potentially life changing meeting in which she is rear ended by a preoccupied Sebastian. Though mostly shaken up she is physically okay minus a few scrapes. Her now inoperable bicycle allows her to momentarily let down her defenses. Afraid of being late for her appointment, she lets her guard down and accepts a ride and a business card from the would be stranger.

After their first date, Sebastian convinces the all too trusting Monika to enter his apartment. It is here that her harrowing ordeal begins. Through an involuntary drug induced haze Monika is held captive and subjected to a series of the most unspeakable acts that one human being can commit upon another. Though bruised, Monika’s spirit is never truly broken. As one day melds into the next will Monika find the intestinal fortitude to dig deep enough to escape the clutches of her captor or will she succumb to the same fate as many before her, destined to become yet another Jane Doe buried in a shallow unmarked grave forever silenced and forgotten.

“MONIKA” rivetingly tells the story of the story of the many nameless, faceless immigrants that pepper our city streets as told through the eyes of an unlikely heroine. It is a testament to the human spirit and begs the question: What do you do when you feel as though you have no fight left in you?