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with Hosts Danielle Ryan and Friday Night Lights' Jeremy Sumpter

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YOBISing Season 1 Winners

Tom won:

  • $17,500 Cash
  • Premium tickets to the 2010 Grammy Awards in Los Angeles
  • Admittance for two into an official after-party
Sheryll Gabumpa

2nd place: $5,250

Benjamin Williams

3rd place: $3,500

Haley Dreis

4th place: $2,625

Bo Collins

5th place: $1,750

YOBILaugh Season 1 Winners

Ben won:

  • $10,000 Cash
  • Premium tickets to the world premiere of a major comedy film in Los Angeles
  • VIP access for two to the official after-party
  • Two VIP tickets to the taping of the Tonight Show

Jay Gates

2nd place: $3,000

Albion Gray

3rd place: $2,000

Matt Kazam

4th place: $1,500

Mark Wirtz

5th place: $1,000

YOBIPics Season 1 Photographer of the Year: Phil

Philip won:

  • $10,000 Cash
  • VIP tickets to the grand opening of a major collection showing at a premiere museum in Los Angeles, CA
  • Premier access to the lecture series and workshops at the museum

Steve Flame

2nd place: $3,000

Christy Keech

3rd place: $2,000

Gediminas Vasilevskis

4th place: $1,500

Samresh Shrivastava

5th place: $1,000

YOBIFilm Season 1 Film Maker of the Year: rustedsigns

Paul won:

  • $12,500 Cash
  • All-access passes to a premiere film festival
  • VIP admittance for two into a major indie film's after-party event

Leonie Ellis

2nd place: $3,750

Miki Miyazaki

3rd place: $2,500

Aaron Levesque

4th place: $1,875

Joseph Bauer

5th place: $1,250