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YOBISing Season 3 Semifinalist KateeLee

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Katee Lee
Brampton, ON, Ontario, Canada

YOBISing Season 3
Week 5 Semifinalist

Voting for this semifinal round is now closed.

Hi! I am Katee Lee, a Canadian singer/songwriter and lead vocalist/bassist songwriter for Canadian rock band Karma Kreeps. I co-founded female power trio Dame aka Moeraes Fate (I was vocalist and bassist / songwriter as well)

I began singing at 8 and won various awards in my  hometown at an early age. Between 10-13 I was involved alot with music theater and learned the importance of dramatic performance. I have been able to utilize my theatre history in my live performances.

I have met some incredibly amazing people in the industry and learned a hell of a lot. Enjoying the ride immensily.I just want to play, write and be with music forever!! I have aims at becoming one of the top female producers as well. I began forming my rock bands at 13 years old. 


Musical influences:

In no particular orde

r The Beatles, John Lennon, George Harrison, Michael Jackson, Pink Floyd, Chris Cornell, Annie Lennox, Jim Morrison, Linda Perry, Mozart, Led Zeppelin, Tool, Haydain Neale, Tori Amos,  Porcupine Tree, Nick Lee, Steeley Dan, Rush, Muse, Stevie Wonder

I am also a strong believer in "giving back". Here are some the charities I support:



in honor of Haydain Neale

in honor of my Grandmother xoxin honor of my family







Please check out my youtubes and please do subscribe



Reviews and Comments

voodooheadguy said:

Katee Lee has one of the most intriguing vox around and  she not only sings amazingly well, she's got a real knack for songwriting. love your singing Katee. keep it happening..
...thee best

Nabweekly Magazine said

:Katee you're amazing lady with so much talent. You are 21st Century Lady Rock. I'm so happy I was introduced to your amazing talent and many wishes blown your way for a prosperous year and every year a

fter Cheers Doll!

11AngelD11 said:

I think there's great talent in the contest. Whether they have a certain style they do it well. BUT, I have to admit..if we're looking for talent that's unique and is separate from the rest...KATEE you have done just this. Your tone of voice is unique...the song is unique...hopin you win sweetie... LOVE DONNA (from FB)

santahank said:what amazing voice and range

CchaseM40 said:Katee..first you are a good the song and the idea. you are what true music is all about..tell the story & love your emotions all through the song. I like it!! Good Luck!! I'm sure I will hear more of your feat. lashina

qwertyy said:

good luck katee keep up the good work

Oh my God, You'll Love This
unique vocal tones, soulful songwriting, kudos...

Over The Moon
I love the original feel of Katee's work and her unique voice

Love Katee Rose Lee songwriting and vocals instrumentation, had already added this very fine song to Certified Organic, best to you Katee and your growth as a singer-songwriter perform

er and entertainer,much respect and wish you all the best bryon

Adventurers, Jugglers, Minstrels 3
stellar vocals, musicality..








KateeLee's Winning Entry: Hide Your Head In Shame - Katee Lee

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The thrill is gone. The relationship was emotionless and the mute button was on. Then he gets busted for something you couldnt even imagine a dog you sit down and write yourself a song.
Pretty sure we have faked it before for one reason or another. This song should touch many. I get great feed back for it.
The video was edited to the music and shows photos of me from age 13 when I began my career to last year when I was 17.
Enjoy, would love to see some comments.


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